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Title:  Principal Deployment Engineer

  1. Construction Manager

Profile Description


  • Associate Technician, Bachelor or Engineering degree in Telecommunications, Electronics or Electricity.
  • More 15 years of Optical / HFC Networks Management (Design, Construction, O&M) experience preferably in telecoms and other relevant technologies.
  • Intermediate knowledge of how design platforms such as AutoCAD, Lode Data, Bentley and Small World operate.
  • Proficiency with MS Office suite.
  • Domain of the different technological platforms in FTTX E2E solutions (ISP-OSP-Drop).
  • Knowledge and mastery of the different tools, instruments, techniques and processes for the construction of fixed aerial, underground and MDUs networks, including all the engineering of civil works if required.
  • Extensive experience in the development of Technical Manuals for the construction and certification of fixed networks.
  • Able to apply high quality standards and a high level of demand attached to those of the industry in the evaluation of the construction of FTTX networks.
  • Solid knowledge of technical KPIs, development of tools that allow monitoring them to verify current status and evolution of the construction process.
  • Solid knowledge in the administration and logistics of construction materials.
  • Comprehensive vision of the operation and business of telcos.
  • Capacity for effective communication and management of high performance teams.
  • High level of synergy for teamwork.
  • Knowledge and experience in the management of construction permits.
  • Proven experience in managing construction companies.
  • Effective leadership in conflict management.
  • Mastery of the administrative processes of project closure.
  • Effective communication skills, verbal and written.
  • Must be able to work in a fast-paced changing environment.
  • Be able to position self with the customer to establish and discuss technical criteria.
  • Must have passed First-Aid  training courses (or hold certificate, if applicable).
  • Must have passed work-at-height safety training courses (or hold certificate, if applicable).
  • Must have passed Underground work safety training courses
  • Successful candidate must go through approval process by both COMMSCOPE and Customer (if required).
  • Languages: Spanish and English.




Job Description

  • The Construction Manager participates together with the COMMSCOPE PM and the Customer in developing the planning and scheduling of the project.
  • The Construction Manager must ensure that he understands and is clear about the requirements, standards and technical specifications of the construction process agreed upon and required by the customer, as well as ensuring that his team in charge incorporates it into its execution.
  • If the customer does not have all the manuals required to carry out the construction process, the Construction Manager must lead the development of the necessary corresponding manuals.
  • The Construction Manager is responsible for implementing the project program, for which he must do the work distribution analysis based on the customer's premises and the work teams that report to him, taking into account all the inputs required to carry out the tasks construction activities.
  • The Construction Manager must have knowledge of the entire panorama that impacts the deployment, such as; materials, permits, production cuts and imponderables, so that he can carry out the corresponding risk assessments to take the measures and actions that mitigate them and the production plan is not affected.
  • The Construction Manager with the support of his collaborators must ensure that the Construction Company complies with all the requirements such as knowledge, templates, tools, vehicles, instruments, safety implements and certifications required according to local regulations that allow it to carry out its work.
  • Based on an eventual poor performance of the construction crews, the Construction Manager must request the Construction Company, either training for its personnel or its replacement; in any case requesting that you recover the drop in production for this reason.
  • The Construction Manager is responsible for ensuring that his collaborators (Construction Supervisors) fulfill their roles and responsibilities 100%; before, during and after construction.
  • The Construction Manager is responsible for measuring and ensuring compliance with the agreed KPIs to evaluate the construction quality and production process.
  • Manage from the prevention of the conflict, but if it is necessary to intervene effectively to be able to resolve any that arises.
  • Understand permit requirements and ensure these are met and reported correctly.
  • Ensure and monitor effective site operations and coordination of works compliant to policies and Health & Safety requirements.
  • Ensure all work on site is carried out to adequate standards as stated in contractual specification by conducting site audits.
  • Maintain productivity objectives as set by the Project Management.
  • Coordinate, capture and present the financial sign off for the completed works by the Construction Company to the Project Manager.
  • Update daily/weekly reports and review against the project delivery milestones. Highlighting any risks that may have arisen to the Project Manager.
  • Ensure all post installation/as-built documents are completed and checked in accordance with the conditions of the project.
  • Ensure all customer documentation is completed and checked in accordance with client requirements.
  • Ensure all site-specific method statements/risk assessments are in place.
  • In-person or virtual attendance at meetings with the customer, construction company or regulatory entities, to present progress or situational analysis of any eventuality that requires their intervention.
  • The construction manager is responsible for delivering FTTX networks to operations that meet the quality standards and technical specifications required by the client for their commissioning.
  • Regular, consistent, and punctual attendance. Must be able to work nights and weekends, variable schedule(s) as necessary.
  • Other duties and responsibilities as assigned.

Resources and Tools

  • Current driving documents.
  • Laptop with Windows Office.
  • Cell phone with multimedia, phone plan and unlimited data.


Quantity of resources


One (1) Construction Manager should consider Monterey as a home base, but can be virtual, with availability to travel to any city from the Americas. Estimated 50%-70% of travel.

Job Segment: Telecom, Telecommunications, Construction, Electronics Engineer, Engineer, Technology, Engineering