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Title:  Senior Mfg Process Engineer PCBA



Job Description


Job Title:                        Senior Manufacturing Process Engineer, PCBA

Reports to:             Engineering Technical Lead



General Summary

The Senior Manufacturing PCBA Process Engineer located in Tijuana, Mexico is responsible for leading and assisting with various technical activities in support of the manufacture of Venue and Campus Network (VCN) products.  This role involves good communication skills, teamwork, and close collaboration with the Tijuana manufacturing operations team, including process and quality engineering, and CommScope global operations and global engineering teams in order to plan, develop, organize, manage, and coordinate specific objectives summarized in four primary categories: 


1)   Mass Production Support                              

2) New Product Introduction (NPI)

3) Design for Manufacture (DFM)

4) New Technology Process Development


1)       Mass Production Support

Utilize PCBA process expertise to collaborate with the Tijuana operations team to support mass production activities of VCN products, including:


A. Product Transfers

    Support incoming product transfers by assisting the Tijuana operations team with proper     process definition and product qualification. Conduct first article inspections, oversee        end of build reporting, and ensuring process improvement action items are addressed.


B. Product Quality

Ensure that the Tijuana’s production processes consistently produce products that meet IPC and CommScope end-point requirements.  Assist Tijuana team for timely resolution of manufacturing issues related to product reliability, assembly workmanship and test yields, component vendor quality, and customer field failures.  Help ensure quick, innovative, and accurate problem-solving to maintain production and revenue stream. 


C. Process Qualification

Assist Tijuana team to validate and ensure that standard, special, and new manufacturing processes or procedures are properly qualified to assure successful application to products.


D.   Process Improvements

                   Identify critical processes that need improvement, and contribute to TJ team efforts to                              optimize them, including stencil print quality, effective use of automated solder           paste                      inspection (SPI), root cause investigations for poor test yields, etc.


E. End Point Requirements

Participate in documenting unique or special PCBA end-point requirements for use in Tijuana’s assembly process definition and inspection standards.


F. Cost Reduction

Participate in profit improvement plans (PIPs) through product and process cost reduction efforts for improved manufacturing efficiency, lower costs, and labor reduction.



2)       New Product Introduction (NPI)


          A.       Prototype Build Support

Support Tijuana process team in VCN NPI prototype builds and VCN product transfers, including process capability assessments, process flow definition, assembly and material requirements, fixture design/review, and build participation.


          B.       Postbuild Analyses

Review Tijuana process team postbuild (end of build) analyses to identify VCN product design improvements and manufacturing process issues; ensure that corrective actions are implemented prior to mass production and assist in determining the success of these actions.


          C.       First Article Inspections

                   Perform First Article Inspections of the TJ NPI builds (trial, qualification, pilot) and                                document findings to highlight design and process issues for team to identify corrective                         actions with owners and then ensuring continuous improvements are realized.


          D.      Transition to Mass Production

Contribute to Tijuana operations plans to transition from NPI to mass production, including capacity analyses, line qualification, new assembly process implementation, operator training, etc.



3)       Design for Manufacture (DFM)


A. DFM Analysis

Support DFM on VCN products by identifying mass production issues related to product design and effectively communicate these to process engineering and product development teams with goal of manufacturability improvements through product redesign and application to future products.


B. DFM Standards

Contribute to the maintenance of CommScope corporate PCBA DFM Standards and assist design teams to properly understand and properly apply in their product designs.



4)       New Technology Process Development

Assist Tijuana process team in the evaluation or development of new or advanced PCBA manufacturing technologies, including special/advanced fixturing, improved soldering processes, improved automation, effective inspection processes, repair/rework technologies, etc. for use on VCN PCBA’s.



Education and Technical Requirements

Minimum 4-year degree in related technical curriculum and 5-10 years of PCBA manufacturing experience. Strong verbal & written communications skills, proficient with English, and able to function effectively in a team environment are required.                        

Job Segment: Process Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer, Engineer, Product Development, Senior Quality Engineer, Engineering, Research