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Title:  Principal Hardware Engineer

Cost Reduction (CR) Focused Accountabilities

  • Oversee the Design & Test reliable, cost effective HW that conforms to Customer or Commscope specifications.
  • Review designs for cost implications, researching ways to achieve the functionality in the most cost-effective manner & push ALL xDM teams to leverage their cost-down experience into Commscope projects.
  • Ensure that a complete CR review is performed at POC or EPR1 CAD cycle during project delivery prior to Customer Validation and Sign-off.
  • Work with vendors to define/understand product roadmaps and ensure maximum alignment with Commscope strategic aims and profit-margin expectations.
  • Assess ALL CR material with affected teams – Project Team, CE, Supply Chain, SW, Manufacturing, etc.
  • Drive maximum product and design re-use through promoting a common cost-optimised hardware strategy.
  • Assist Schematic & Layout review with wider team to ensure all inputs are considered and implemented, where applicable. Component Engineering guidance on Long Lead Time, NFND parts and all PPL/PPS steerage to be considered ahead of review.
  • Where key componentry is single source supply; seek low-cost second source alternates for consideration.
    • Investigate Alternate parts, CR opportunities, low-cost circuit design in parallel with Project Team.
    • Assess full CR list available, then assist the drive of Sample materials, Rework quantity, Plan & Execute DVT Cycle.
    • Conclude internal Review and Approval of CRs prior to any Customer Validation or External Certification milestones, as set out in the project team timeline.


    • Gather remaining/new CR suggestions from ALL TEAMs to be investigated Post Launch / GA.
    • Implement CR Projects with internal and/or JDM resource, then help Plan & Execute DVT Cycle.
    • Define Acceptance criteria and risk items for either Customer Approval or Certification effort.
    • Phase-in BOM updates inline with production dates and lead time factors avoiding excess stock.


General Technical Design Accountabilities

  • Generate system & product level HW documentation for review by and distribution to JDM partners for proposed designs in line with the Commscope Development Process.
  • By the application of good engineering practice produce designs with the lowest Annualised Failure Rate commensurate with acceptable costs & performance.
  • Generate specifications and support documentation, as appropriate, for all CR proposals, in line with the current Commscope Development Process.
  • Assist in design reviews ensuring all 3rd party recommendations are considered prior to progression to the next stage of the development phase.
  • Develop awareness of future technologies impacting the industry that may apply to Commscope product roadmap & cost effectiveness.


Technical Management Accountabilities

  • Use of process/tools & ensure adherence to Commscope Product Development Process (PCP/Flexwave).
  • Promote working in a flexible, dynamic environment, adaptable to EMS/JDM/ODM development models to meet Commscope requirements and customer expectations.
  • Contribute to the promotion and improvement of the Commscope Product Development Process, continually review the working methods to define best practices to ensure the most efficient operation.
  • Assist the HW / xDM PM to produce accurate and detailed hardware project plans for CR projects, helping the Core Team to ensure the project plans are both realistic and achievable.

Build strong relationships with strategic partners, vendors and track roadmaps thereof.

Job Segment: Manufacturing Engineer, Hardware Engineer, Engineer, Drafting, CAD, Engineering