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Title:  Engineer II, NPI Process

Duties & Responsibilities

1. Early Involve in product development process for concept / manufacturability review, risk assessment, new process evaluation, definition and validation.

2. Engage in engineering prototype building to define initial manufacture process flow, identify tools / fixtures need, draft preliminary working instructions.

3. As project leader to drive preparation of NPI including pilot duration / schedule, material preparation, tool/fixture preparation and design, BOM/Drawing review, testing setup, performance tuning, online testing for trouble shooting, initial training to NPI technicians / Operators.

4. Organize pilot run and production simulation, routing time counting and line balancing, verify and continuou improve yield and efficiency, define yield / efficiency target for mass production.

5. Closely working with design engineers to address identified manufacturability / yield issues, drive for results.

6. Working with quality engineer and team to issue / revise DFM/PFMEA/PFMEA/Control Plan/Inspection standard.

7. Perform new product production readiness review, including new part localization / qualification, mass production training plan, tool / fixture / equipment readiness, BOM/Drawing/ECR/ECN/WI readiness, Testing setup readiness review.

8. Lead technicians and on-line trainers to execute training plan to mass production lines.

9. Follow up with first mass production, identify issues / risks and improvement plans, hand-over with production PEs.

10. Leading cost reduction project to meet the PIP goal.





1. Bachelor’s degree or above in mechanical / electrical or industrial engineering or relevant professions

2. More than 5-8 years’ experience in NPI or production / process engineering

3. Familiar with new product development / new product introduction process

4. Know 6 sigma concept and able to use effective tools to solve problems

5. Good skill for trouble shooting, systematic and logical

6. Good written and oral English

7. Team player, diligent and result oriented

8. Good skill for project management as NPI project leader

9. Familiar with SolidWorks, AutoCAD

10. Familiar with RF product test

11. Short period business travel over sea for production transferring