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Title:  Engineer, Power Mechanical


  1. Mechanical design, including mechanical solution selection, mechanical and heat dissipation component design, mechanical component layout, assembly and fixing, system waterproof design, etc.
  2. Thermal design and analysis, design and evaluate heat dissipation solution.
  3. Wiring design, wire and connector selection, high-current bus design, etc.
  4. Packaging and label design, including packaging design, vibration and drop and other related tests.
  5. Assembly and testing of the prototype.


  1. Bachelor degree or above in mechanical major, more than 5 years of mechanical design experience in power supply product, familiar with the production process of power products.
  2. Solid capability of using 3D and 2D software for 3D modeling and engineering drawing.
  3. Familiar with the characteristics and processing methods of mechanical material, such as sheet metal, injection molding, die-casting, cables, connectors, insulating materials, heat dissipation materials, glue, packaging materials, metal machined parts, etc.
  4. Capabilities of thermal analysis and design, familiar with heat dissipation solution and heat dissipation materials for power supplies, and familiar with EMC and safety.
  5. Familiar with the design and development process of electrical and electronic products, capabilities of design mechanical component specifications and be familiar with the design change process.
  6. Good computer skills, Capabilities of using office software Word, Excel, Outlook, PPT, etc. Be
  7. Good at communication, teamwork, responsible and actively, able to read and write in English.

Job Segment: Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Electrical, Thermal Engineering, Supply, Engineering, Operations