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Title:  Engineer, Test

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Job Title : Engineer, Test



Duties & Responsibilities :

  • Develop and deliver automation test solutions (including test software, test jigs, test procedure and related documentations) to meet the test requirements and improve test accuracy/coverage/efficiency for base station antenna products. 
  • Focus on antenna test range optimization/automation. Optimize or secondary develop the test range test setup, sequence, method to improve the measurement speed and maximum the utilization of existing test ranges.  
  • Work with R&D antenna designers to develop tool software to automate antenna data processing, analysis and reporting. 
  • Be responsible for CommScope global antenna test strategy by tracking the new testing equipment, technics and method, and proposing to management team for system upgrade.
  • Initiate/update the guideline for test range operation and maintenance.


Qualification : Preferably Master’s degree or above in microwave or radio engineering discipline


Experience : Preferably 3+ years of working experience on base station antenna test, especially on antenna near field and far field range test.


Skills Required :

  • Good knowledge on base station antenna products and related testing including pattern test, PIM test etc. Familiar with the test equipment used for antenna test.   
  • Rich experience with near field antenna pattern measurement, including MIMO antenna range test etc. Understand the theory and method on pattern data collection/processing/calculation, near-to-far conversion, test error analysis, etc.  
  • Familiar with NSI/Satimo test range including test range setups and calibration. Be able to use software development tool or working with software engineer to generate test scripts or drive NSI/Satimo API to optimize and automate the measurement and data processing for antenna test ranges. Skills on programming language such as VB, C#, MATLAB etc. is a plus. 
  • Good understanding on the parameters/specs of antenna pattern, familiar with BASTA standard for antenna. 
  • Strong self-study ability, willing to learn and accept new skills which are needed in working. A team player, also highly self-motivated and directed. 
  • Good English communication skills in verbal and written.

Commscope is an Equal Opportunity Employer.