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Title:  Manufacturing Operator

  • Assists operators in performance of their duties as an aid in minimizing machine downtime and maximizing run time.
  • Monitor product and inform operator of anything questionable
  • Relieves operators for breaks, lunch, and personal delays by monitoring machine run time.
  • Obtains supplies as directed. Assists in setups, stringups, supply, finished reel changes, and storing finished reels of core.
  • As required, fills out production reports for finished cable, but the operator is responsible for the correctness of the reports
  • Processes, packages, and prepares finished goods for transport.
  • Performs basic computer database transactions for recording, reporting, and testing. (has basic computer skills)
  • Perform housekeeping duties to insure a clean and safe work environment, which includes but is not limited to sweeping floors, cleaning railing, mopping and general housekeeping functions.
  • Works in teams on goal-oriented projects
  • Other duties as assigned.