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Title:  Prncpl Software Engineer

Roles & Responsibilities:

The candidate is responsible for building Wi-Fi Access Point Controller/Gateway related Software. The Controller/Gateway development includes AAA interfaces - Radius, Communication Frameworks – Websockets, MQTT, kofka, NATS Pub/Sub, Tunnelling protocols – L2oGRE, SSH, Open VPN, and other protocol knowledge TCP/IP, UDP and Unix domain sockets. Design, Development and resolving technical issues observed by team, QA and customer support engineers in Controller/Gateway area.


Candidates having expertise in any two out of the following three areas

  • Wi-Fi Standards includes 802.1x(EAP-SIM, EAP-AKA), 802.11(Open, WISPr, WEB Auth etc), HotSpot 2.0
  • Hands-on Free Radius code, understanding the internals.
  • Understanding Websockets, MQTT, Tunnelling protocols L2oGRE, SSH
  • Internals of TCP/IP, UDP, SCTP, Unix Domain Sockets, LDAP, AD
  • Cloud environments – Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure



  • Design, develop, and troubleshoot technical features related to skills mentioned above with Control state machine deployed.
  • Customize, Enhance applications on top of Free Radius for different authentication mechanisms mentioned.
  • Analyse existing code and instrument custom code as required to add new features to the Controller/Gateway product line, diagnose and resolve issues related to functionality, interoperability, and stability.
  • Analyse and improve performance of current Controller/Gateway applications
  • Rapid development, quickly responding to needs of customer trials to win major accounts
  • Work closely with QA engineers, Customer Support Teams for the supporting our deployment issues



  • 10+ years of work experience in developing controller/gateway software for wireless networking platforms
  • C/C++ SW development expertise & Knowledge of different Linux platforms
  • Solid understanding of bridging, routing, and network protocols (e.g., TCP/IP, UDP, DHCP, ARP, DNS, NAT, STP)
  • Strong knowledge of 802.1x, 802.11 wireless protocols, including message exchanges with AAA/HLR with mobility and roaming.
  • Strong knowledge of Object-Oriented Design and Methodologies, and design patterns
  • Strong problem-solving skills & Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • BTech/MTech, BS/MS in EE or CS


Soft Skills

  • Understanding the big picture and discerning its high level details
  • Ability to identify development dependencies
  • Ability to grasp new, cutting-edge technologies, evaluate and test out alternatives
  • Excellent technical communication skills with English, in both speaking and writing
  • Strong work discipline and team work spirit. Ability to quickly read, understand and explain technical topics to the team
  • Independent, flexible to changes


Job Segment: Developer, Software Engineer, Engineer, Network, Cloud, Technology, Engineering