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Title:  Principal QA Engineer

  Automation Engineer with 10+ years of experience in automation, Python scripting, and 802.11 WLAN networking


Duties and Responsibilities:
  - Develop Python libraries to automate the test cases
  - Automate end-to-end test cases using Robot framework, Python, and In-house tools 
  - Lead a team of engineers to plan automation and communicate with different stake holders to understand the use cases


Skills Required:
  - Prior experience in Python coding for at least 6 years
  - Prior experience in 802.11 WLAN networking or Switching for at least 5 years
  - Preferred to have Web development experience in Django, Javascript, CSS, and MySQL
  - Preferred to have prior experience in testing of Switches or Wifi Access Points
  - Able to lead teams of small size and possess good communication skills