“We teach children the principles of theater,” said Laura, who joined CommScope in October 2012 as an intern and then worked as an apprentice before becoming an employee. “We pass on our passion about theater and all arts, and we teach them why it is so rewarding to go to plays.”

The nonprofit group, called Fatti d’Arte, has enrolled more than 100 people, including 60 children since it started in 2015.

“Our objective is to spread our passion for the arts to the largest possible audience, so our courses are very inexpensive to make it affordable to anybody,” Laura said. For her, the nonprofit group does much more than make the arts accessible to a larger audience.

“It helps a lot in everyday life,” she said. “As a child, you learn how to play with a group, how to speak in front of the public. You learn the principle that everyone is important, no matter the role you have in the play. It’s amazing to see how theater helps people gain self-confidence.”

When Zeffiri isn’t doing everyday work for the nonprofit association, she still enjoys acting. It transports her to another world.

“You just concentrate on your character, and you don’t even think very much about the public in front of you. After the play, you feel rewarded for all your efforts. And you see the results of your work.”

You’re a star, Laura. Keep on being amazing!