1. Does CommScope offer informational interviews?

CommScope does not have a formal informational interview process.

2. What types of questions should I expect to answer?

We ask questions that encourage you to tell stories about yourself and how you approach your work and problem-solving. Many of these questions are considered behavioral-based interview questions. For engineering/technical positions you may expect some technical questions.

3. What is a behavioral-based interview question and how do you answer one?

Behavioral questions enable us to learn about how you think and what you’ve done — or would do — in certain circumstances. In many instances, you will need to recall a circumstance, describe the actions you took to remedy the issue and share the results of your actions. An example of a behavioral question is: In your role at XYZ Company, tell me about a time multiple stakeholders disagreed on a course of action and you had to find a middle ground.

One technique for answering interview questions is called the PAR, which stands for Problem, Action and Results. That helps you break down your answers into the what and how and articulate the results concisely.

4. What can I expect in a virtual/video interview?

We use a live video platform, and nothing is recorded. This format allows us to deliver a flexible, convenient way for you to connect with us. You can participate remotely using a desktop or laptop computer, a tablet, or a smartphone. If your device has a camera, microphone and internet connection, you are set. We recommend that you test your technology and find a private, quiet spot for your chat.

5. I’m not used to being on video camera. What if I’m nervous? Will it impact my candidacy?

It’s ok to be nervous before and during an interview. We have all been there! We want this to be a positive experience for you, so just take a few calming breaths, smile and be yourself.

Some of our candidates tell us that they practiced with a friend or family member prior to the interview to help take the nerves away.