CommScope's Diversity & Inclusion Business Network was created to appreciate one another's differences, provide opportunity, promote creativity and innovation, and support our communities. We have over 1800+ members, 100 global ambassadors, and a leadership council that keep the conversation going and advocate for change not only within our company but in the communities in which we live and work.

We operate in a world where the conversations need to be different. It may cause discomfort for some but the focus is to foster a culture that embraces diversity and fosters inclusion. Diversity is more than just race and gender - it's about the whole set of experiences, backgrounds, beliefs, and belief systems that make us who we are. Driven by our purpose and powered by our strategy, scroll to learn more about each.  

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    Our Purpose

    We foster a dynamic and inclusive workplace that embraces our diverse people and experiences and empowers us to deliver results for our customers and the growth of our company. 

    We provide CommScope employees with opportunities to network, learn, and lead, to help grow careers, support communities and create lasting connections with our customers, partners, and suppliers. 

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    Our Strategy

    • Provide business-relevant development and networking opportunities for all members
    • Cultivate the growth and development of all members while maintaining focus on female leaders and early-career professionals
    • Engage in community STEM efforts to support the next generation of technologists
    • Help leaders fuel collaboration by harnessing diversity as we innovate for our customers' success 
    • Collaborate across CommScope to embed diversity and inclusion focus in our business and organizational strategies

A few words from our co-chairs

A few words from our co-chairs

  • Picture of Diversity & Inclusion Business Network leader, Urvi Shah

    "Creating lasting connections means being able to share our ideas, our opinions, our experiences, our culture without fear. The Diversity and Inclusion Business Network was launched with full support from our executive leadership team to embark on this important journey to ensure that all of our employees feel supported and connected to each other and to CommScope." - Urvi Shah, Global Co-Chair

  • Picture of Diversity & Inclusion Business Network leader, CarolAnn Sweeney

    "The DIBN provides a tremendous opportunity for our organization to be more aware and educate ourselves on all diversity topics, fostering a more inclusive global community. DIBN focuses on education for ongoing growth and development, while encouraging networking with our peers. We believe that everyone has a voice and are creating safe spaces for everyone to address topics that affect them. Learning and sharing our experiences will help drive the overall company mission to be truly inclusive." - Carol Ann Sweeney, Global Co-Chair

We're in the business of creating lasting connections and we know that diverse teams make better decisions. As we continue to grow the Diversity & Inclusion Business Network at CommScope, we hope you will join us.